What Is Parakeet Training?


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Parakeet training is the use of positive reinforcement and rewards to teach a parakeet to trust its owner and to do simple tricks. A parakeet can be trained while in its cage with an inexpensive clicker and treats. Once the bird understands that the clicking sound is a positive thing, it has learned its first lesson.

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Parakeets, also known as budgerigars, are members of the parrot species. They are intelligent birds that learn quickly; however, parakeets may not display what they have learned immediately. Instead, it may take a day of processing for them to exhibit new skills.

Parakeets can mimic human speech, although it is less intelligible than the speech of larger parrots. The birds can also be trained to spin around in a circle, fetch light objects, wave, return to an outstretched hand or perch on a finger.

Parakeets love millet spray. If the spray is kept out of a parakeet's regular diet, it can be an effective training treat that the bird looks forward to. When the millet is used in conjunction with a clicker to provide positive reinforcement for five minutes a day, a parakeet can be trained to perform a trick or a specific behavior in about a week.

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