How Do Pandas Urinate?


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Male pandas urinate in a handstand position with one of their legs leaning upon a tree, and shoot their pee backwards, while female pandas pee in a seated position. Male Pandas pee in this position to allow them to spread their scent to attract prospective female mating partners. The higher the male panda pees off ground, the better, because it maximizes their odor field. Pandas developed this habit in order to better spread their scent.

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When male pandas pee, they secrete an anogenital gland secretion, which is a waxy substance which tells other female pandas their age and sex. Male pandas locate the widest tree possible with a touch bark because the bark helps infuse their scent into the tree. A wide tree ensures that the male panda is maximizing its odor spread. Male pandas also pee in order to mark their territory and warn members of the same sex to stay away.

Pandas are extremely deliberate with their scent-making because they tend to lack energy due to their strictly bamboo diet. Pandas are solitary animals hence their urination method is very essential in finding mating partners and ensuring these endangered animals are around for the future generations to see.

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