What Is a Panda Dog?


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Panda dogs are either dogs that are dyed to look like panda bears, or they are dogs with natural patterns that resemble those on panda bears. There is even a breed of dog bred exclusively for their panda bear markings.

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One version of panda dogs are dogs that are dyed black and white to resemble the markings on a panda bear. According to Huffington Post, this trend began in China, although there are concerns that the dye can be detrimental to the dog's health.

The second and more natural version of panda dogs are dogs that have natural black and white patterns. The Queen Elizabeth panda dogs are toy bulldogs that are bred for their panda-like markings and weigh only 5 to 15 pounds.

According to the breed information on Queen Elizabeth pocket bears, the dogs have a sweet and calm disposition that makes them perfect for a family. They also have a tangle-free, shed-free coat that stops growing when it reaches a certain length and simultaneously sheds dirt. Finally, the Queen Elizabeth panda dogs are low energy animals that do not require a lot of walking or yards. Furthermore, they do not have any known genetic or health problems.

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