How Do Panda Bears Protect Themselves?

Although they prefer to avoid conflicts, giant pandas can protect themselves in several different ways if threatened, including swatting with their strong arms and sharp claws or biting with their powerful jaws and large teeth. They are also excellent tree climbers and often use this tactic to escape predators.

The massive size and strength of adult giant pandas is usually enough to deter most predators, but there is still a threat from jackals and leopards, both of which are known to attack and eat both adult and young giant pandas if given the chance. In addition, yellow-throated martens also prey on nesting panda cubs.

Though much smaller, the other member of the panda family, red pandas, are also very fierce and can protect themselves in similar ways to their much larger cousins. They are excellent and fast climbers, and this is usually their first line of defense.

However, they also have sharp, retractable claws and equally sharp teeth and strong jaws that help them crush bamboo and are also a powerful defense mechanism. Red pandas also make different intimidating noises to warn off would-be attackers. As with giant pandas, red pandas have only a few real predators, which are again primarily leopards and martens.