What Are Some Pain Relief Options for an Arthritic Cat?


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To relieve pain in arthritic cats, veterinarians typically recommend administering pain medications and nutritional supplements that restore cartilage and allowing overweight cats to lose weight, reports WebMD. While arthritis has no cure, pet owners may help their cats experience less pain and feel more comfortable by providing a cozy cat bed with a blanket, providing a soft massage while the cat relaxes, grooming hard-to-reach areas, and ensuring the litterbox, food bowl and water bowl are easily accessible.

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Letting a cat maintain a healthy weight helps relieve pain by reducing the load on the joints, explains Vetstreet. Pet owners should choose high-quality food and allow their arthritic cats to play on soft surfaces under close supervision. Arthritic cats benefit from staying in dry, warm environments, especially padded cat beds, as cold, damp surroundings worsen arthritis. They also feel better in low-stress homes with lots of compassionate support from their owners.

Gently pressing warm compresses on arthritic joints is a soothing treatment method, according to Vetstreet. Pet owners who want better massages for their cats may hire professional animal massage therapists. Acupuncture is another painless alternative treatment option.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are common pain medications for arthritic cats, while corticosteroids are helpful in controlling inflammation for brief periods, notes Vetstreet. Veterinarians sometimes prescribe chondroitin and glucosamine nutritional supplements to ease arthritis. In some cases, cats with severe arthritis may benefit from surgery.

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