What Do Pacific Tree Frogs Eat?

Tom Schwabel/Moment/Getty Images

According to the CaliforniaHerps.com, the diet of the Pacific tree frog includes a large variety of invertebrates, a high percentage of which are flying insects. Most of the time, tree frogs eat at night from the ground, but during breeding season, they also eat during the day.

Tree frogs have very sharp vision with which they locate their prey. The frog lunges, using its large sticky tongue to catch its prey and retrieve it into the mouth, where it is eaten. When tree frogs are in the tadpole stage, they are suspension eaters. Their food includes protozoa, bacteria and algae, along with both organic and inorganic debris floating in the water in which they live.

One of the Pacific tree frog’s defense mechanisms is the ability to change color. Scientists do not believe the frog is able to control this color change, but it is a reaction due to changes in temperature and humidity. Nevertheless, it reduces the chances that the tree frog becomes a meal for a predator, such as a raccoon, bullfrog, snake or heron.