How Do Oysters Move?

oysters-move Credit: modrak gael/Moment Open/Getty Images

Oysters often get moved around because of waves and other sea creatures. Oysters are unable to move on their own.

Oysters are one of the most complex mollusks and are incredibly intricate in relation to the way they look. Upon first look, oysters appear to simply be a seashell clamped together. These shells open up to reveal a creamy colored blob that looks more like clay than food. This blob is actually an extremely complex body. It contains the mouth of the oyster, the stomach, the heart and even colorless blood. These parts are nearly indistinguishable to the naked eye but can be picked out if people know what they are looking for.

While many oysters are harvested before they are fully grown, they can grow up to 4 inches. They are able to live around 4 years and grow about 1 inch per year on average.