Why Do Owls Only Come Out at Night?

owls-only-come-out-night Credit: moodboard/Cultura/Getty Images

Most owls only come out at night because they use this time to hunt for their prey. Owls hunt for small animals such as mice, insects and birds, which come out of hiding and are more active in the dark. In order to stay alive, all owls must learn to become quick, skillful hunters.

Owls are called "silent hunters" due to their body features that help them hunt. Their eyes are large, which allows the owl to see perfectly into the night. Since their eyes only look forward, owls can see their prey from two different angles and from a distance. To view a wide range of an area, the owl’s neck can turn around about 270 degrees.

Since their wings have soft feathers, they don't make any noise when flying through the air. Also, owls have excellent hearing that allows them to locate their prey from a distance in the dark without even seeing it.

Once the prey is spotted, the owl flies in and uses its talons, which are sharp claws on their toes, to grab the targeted prey. When it is time to eat, the owl uses its talons and hooked beak to kill the prey and break it into smaller pieces to make it easier to eat.