Where Do Owls Generally Live?


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Owls live in many types of habitats, from the Arctic to rainforests. For example, the snowy owl lives in the extreme northern areas of North America and Eurasia, though snowy owls have been seen as far south as the states of Georgia and Tennessee.

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Where Do Owls Generally Live?
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Blakiston's fish owl is one of the few owls that hunts fish, so it lives near bodies of water in old growth forests. It is also the largest owl; females, which are larger than males, can weigh up to 10 pounds. Blakiston's fish owl lives in Asia, and the first species was collected in northern Japan.

The tiny burrowing owl lives in the deserts of North and South America. It can also be found in dry grasslands, and some have been known to live in the open areas that make up golf courses and airport runways. As its name implies, it lives in burrows, often in colonies. It is also unusual for an owl in that it is diurnal, or active during the day.

The Madagascan red owl lives in the forests of the island of Madagascar. It is found nowhere else. It hunts along the edges of rice paddies and forests and seeks the insects disturbed by slash-and-burn agriculture. It can be found at altitudes as high as 6,562 feet.

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