What Are Some Facts About Owls?


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Owls are nocturnal birds that are found on every continent except for Antarctica. Unlike many animals, owls do not have eyeballs. Instead, they have eye tubes, which is why they must swivel their necks to look around.

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What Are Some Facts About Owls?
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Owls often use their ears to hunt, and have impeccable hearing. Since their two ears are placed asymmetrically, they are able to hear the sounds of prey at slightly different times, which helps them easily locate their food.

There are more than 20 known species of owls, and 19 of those species are found in North America. The great horned owl includes skunks in its diet, as well as scorpions and frogs. This species of owl is commonly found in North America, and can survive in a wide array of habitats. It is found in deserts, wetlands, grasslands and typical suburban environments.

The smallest owl in North America is the elf owl, which grows to only six inches tall at maturity. They live in hot desert areas as well as mountain ranges and wooded areas, but always manage to steer clear of areas with a lot of pine trees. In order to survive, they often camouflage themselves to their environment when they sense danger. Unlike most owls, the elf owl doesn't have as good night vision, relying more on sound to track prey.

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