How Do You Find Out What Dog Breed Is Right for You?

How Do You Find Out What Dog Breed Is Right for You?

The best way to find out what breed of dog is right for you is to carefully consider your lifestyle and preferences and then look for a dog breed that matches them. Dog breed selector quizzes may give you some ideas.

One of the primary things to consider is energy level. High-energy breeds need a lot of exercise and work, so people who work long hours or prefer to relax on the couch should look for a dog with a calmer temperament. Some breeds are known for other factors such as guarding behavior, prey drive and barking which can be undesirable.

Grooming needs are another consideration. Dog breeds vary widely, with some needing only the occasional brush or bath and others requiring regular professional-quality grooming. Some breeds are also more prone to shedding, which may be annoying to people who like spotless homes or have allergies.

Size is another important consideration, especially for people who rent their homes. Many landlords place size limits on dogs.

You may want to consider adopting a mixed-breed dog from a shelter. Shelter staff can help you identify what you need in a dog and help match you with a suitable pet. Shelter dogs are usually temperament-tested.