How do you find out all about betta fish?


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Information about betta fish is found online and from knowledgeable aquarium fish dealers. Betta fish are a colorful species of fish of Southeast Asian origin. They are also known as Siamese fighting fish. The natural habitat of bettas is shallow ponds, rice patties and streams. Many betta fish sold for display in aquariums are bred in captivity.

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Male bettas are bright in color, with long flowing fins. Male bettas are prone to fighting each other, so males are not kept in the same tank. Male bettas also fight with fish that have similar body types. Female bettas are lighter in color than males, and they have shorter fins. Females usually get along well within the same tank. It is also safe to include a single male betta with females. Their natural food source is live insects, but they can eat flaked, frozen and freeze-dried fish food.

Bettas are admired for their array of colors, which include orange, pink, red, blue, green, turquoise, brown, black and white. Some bettas have solid color, while others have a mixture of colors and patterns. Bettas should be given adequate swimming room. These fish thrive in warm water with a neutral or very low PH-acidity level.

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