What Other Kinds of Dogs Are Mixed With Basset Hounds to Make Puppies?

other-kinds-dogs-mixed-basset-hounds-make-puppies Credit: Finding Josephine/CC-BY-2.0

A basset hound can be mixed with any other dog breed to produce puppies. However, certain basset hound mixes are particularly popular, including bassets mixed with bulldogs, boxers or Labrador retrievers.

A breed mix inherits a combination of the parent breeds' typical traits. While it's hard to predict how these traits might combine in any given crossbred puppy ahead of time, crossbred dogs typically have more moderate temperaments than purebred dogs.

For example, basset hound/Labrador retriever mixes, also known as Basadors, combine an easily trainable dog, the Labrador retriever, with a more independent thinker, the basset hound. The resulting mix falls anywhere between those two extremes.

Since both parents are hunting dogs, Basadors are moderately to highly active. Both parent breeds are also hearty eaters, making the Basador prone to overfeeding and potential weight problems.

Basadors usually take on the short stature and stocky frame of the basset hound. They weigh between 50 and 70 pounds and have the basset hound's long ears and inward-turning feet.

Crossbred dogs possess more genetic diversity than purebred dogs, and as a result, they tend to be healthier than purebreds. Because dogs within a particular breed share many of the same genes, they are more likely than crossbred dogs to inherit pairs of defective genes, leading to undesirable

traits, including health problems.