What Are Some Facts About Ostriches?


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Two facts about ostriches are that they are the largest birds on earth and that they're flightless. However, they are fast runners and can attain speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. Their legs are also formidable, and their kicks can disable or even kill predators.

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An adult ostrich is between 7 and 9 feet tall and can weigh well over 200 pounds. Ostriches live in flocks that are run by an alpha male, who mates with the alpha hen. He may mate with subordinate hens as well. All the hens lay their eggs in a communal nest that the male builds. The alpha couple take turns incubating the eggs. The female usually sits on the eggs during the day while the male, with his darker plumage, sits on them at night. There are sometimes up to 20 eggs in a nest, but it is rare that all of them hatch.

The ostrich is found in Africa, and was formerly found in the Middle East as well. There are ostrich farms all over the world that provide meat, leather, eggs and feathers.

The ostrich egg is 10 times bigger than a chicken egg and is the largest single cell on earth. The chicks hatch after about six weeks.

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