What Are Some Organizations Specializing in Greyhound Puppy Rescue?


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While there are not any greyhound rescue organizations that specialize in puppies, there are several organizations that may have greyhound puppies from time to time such as Adopt a Greyhound Inc., National Greyhound Adoption Program and Greyhound Adoption League of Texas. Greyhound puppies may also be found on Petfinder.

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To adopt a greyhound puppy, potential owners should contact greyhound adoption rescues located nearby and ask to be notified if a puppy is available for adoption. Potential owners can also proactively look for greyhound puppies in standard nonbreed specific rescues on sites such as Petfinder in order to see whether or not a puppy is available at a nearby rescue. The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas warns greyhound puppy adopters that adopting a greyhound puppy is very different from adopting an adult greyhound because they are very active, need lots of training and require a lot of attention.

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