What Are Some Organizations That Specialize in Havanese Rescue?


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There are two major organizations in the United States that specialize in Havanese rescue. The two major organizations are HALO, which stands for Havanese Angel League Organization, and Havanese Rescue Inc.

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Havanese Angel League Organization, abbreviated as HALO, is located in Huntley, Illinois. HALO is a Havanese rescue dedicated to the idea of caring for and rescuing dogs as individuals. HALO provides resources about the Havanese, including Halo Happenings, which is a list of Havanese related events and general information about the Havanese dog breed.

Another organization that specializes in Havanese rescue is Havanese Rescue Inc. Havanese Rescue Inc is an independent nonprofit organization with the mission of rescuing Havanese dogs from unsuitable environments. They also take in Havanese that have been or are soon to be abandoned. All rescued dogs are given any needed medical treatment, including being spayed or neutered, and matched with a loving forever home.

The Havanese, also called the Havana Silk Dog, is a small dog breed. Havanese are part of the Bichon family. They have long, silky fur and can be a variety of different colors. The Havanese are very social dogs. They tend to get attached to their owners and like constant affection.

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