What Organizations Provide Rut Maps for White-Tailed Deer?

The Department of Natural Resources and the Wildlife Resources Divisions of states with outstanding white-tailed deer populations, such as Georgia and Texas, usually provide rut maps showing the whitetails' breeding dates. Some hunting and recreational sites, such as Field and Streams and UC Hunting Properties, also provide rut maps.

The states of Georgia and Texas, which have rich hunting traditions, offer rut maps for breeding dates by geographic area. Georgia has a peak deer movement map based on sightings and deer-vehicle collisions. The 2014 map generated by the Georgia DNR also includes data from the movements of deer tracked by GPS and deer conception dates. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Division creates the whitetail deer breeding activity by studying the distinct rutting periods in different parts of the state. The clickable ecological map shows the peak breeding dates in several hunting locations. Aside from the map, the division also includes the deer pregnancy rate, the approximate date in which the fawns are born and the breeding success rate in each location.

Field & Streams and UC Hunting Properties provide whitetail deer mating season maps around the United States. Both sites use a slider map, allowing online users to view the start and end of the breeding date map. The phase key indicator displays the pre- and post-rut activity months as well as the most active months for seeking and chasing whitetail deer.