Which Organizations Have Free Pet Birds for Adoption?


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Organizations do not provide free bird adoptions; however, it may be possible to adopt a bird for free through a veterinary office or through classified ads, notes the Avian Welfare Coalition. There are many organizations that have birds available for adoption, though these organizations do not provide free bird adoptions.

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Which Organizations Have Free Pet Birds for Adoption?
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If a prospective bird owner would like to adopt a bird for free, contacting a veterinarian's office can help the prospective owner find a bird who needs a home quickly. When birds must be placed quickly, sometimes they are given away for "free" to new adoptive owners. To find a veterinarian's office that specializes in birds, visit the Association of Avian Veterinarians websites.

Another option to adopt a bird for free is to look into special circumstances on Petfinder or through Adopt a Pet, both of which have different rescue organizations listed. Most of these organizations will ask for a fee to adopt a bird; however, there may be special circumstances that will warrant a free "give away," notes the Bird Channel. In most cases, however, prospective bird owners should be prepared to pay an adoption fee in order to adopt as this fee often include a bird cage for the bird and help to offset the organization's costs in caring for the bird up until the time that it is adopted.

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