What Are Some Organizations That Are Defenders of Wildlife?

What Are Some Organizations That Are Defenders of Wildlife?

Organizations that protect and defend wildlife include the World Wildlife Fund, Defenders of Wildlife and the Nature Conservancy. The World Wildlife Fund is focused on conservation. This organization works in 100 countries and has nearly 5 million members worldwide. The fund operates in partnership with businesses, governments, foundations and communities to protect wildlife species, restore lost habitats, mobilize people to provide support and help communities conserve natural resources.

The World Wildlife Fund was started in 1961. Some of its first projects include the conservation of the American bald eagle, the red wolf in the southern United States and the Canadian tule goose. The Fund is also involved in establishing natural reserves and parklands in its efforts to preserve wildlife.

Defenders of Wildlife was founded in 1947 to promote conservation and the restoration of wildlife and its habitats. This organization works with governments at the state and national levels to ensure laws and policies are in place to protect animals. Defenders of Wildlife is active in the court system in order to provide legal safeguards for wildlife and to protect the environment. Site visitors to Defenders.org can adopt an animal, make a monthly donation to end illegal wildlife trade and trafficking, and access information about current threats to wildlife.

The Nature Conservancy operates globally to protect habitats, water and land for both animals and people. This organization works in all 50 states nationally and in 35 countries internationally. The Nature Conservancy partners with government agencies and the private sector to help raise awareness and fund support for a wide variety of conservation issues.

Visitors to Nature.org can become a member, learn about critical conservation issues, make a donation and access the award-winning Nature Conservancy magazine by joining.