How Do You Order Monarch Caterpillars?


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To order monarch butterflies, locate butterfly breeders using the search tool on the International Butterfly Breeders Association website and contact them about placing an order. Try asking at local nurseries and garden supply stores for local breeders.

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Each breeder may have slightly different policies, such as not accepting phone orders, so the process may vary. Most require payment at the time of the order. Make sure you understand what comes in the order, since some just contain the larvae themselves while others come with food and other supplies to help you raise the caterpillars. If the kit does not come with additional supplies, make sure you have those in place before it ships. Monarch caterpillars are seasonal, so you may have to wait up to a year to place an order.

You can also attract monarch butterflies naturally by planting milkweed. This is their favorite food, so large patches of it attract monarchs as they migrate. The females lay eggs on the plant, which naturally grow into caterpillars. Larger patches are more effective, with an ideal size being 100 square feet or more. However, smaller patches may still attract monarchs. Avoid treating the milkweed with harmful chemicals or pesticides, as these can harm or kill the butterflies.

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