Are Oranges Bad for Dogs?


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Oranges are rich in vitamin C and are good for dogs when given in small quantities. As with any treat, an owner should feed his dog in moderation so the animal doesn't suffer an upset stomach.

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Oranges make nutritional treats for dogs, but they have components that can inflame a dog’s stomach. They have plenty of citric acid, which can damage a dog’s digestive system when consumed in high amounts. Orange rinds also contain citrus oils, which can be harmful to dogs, so it’s important to keep the peel out of a dog’s reach and to provide only a few orange slices at a time. Aside from oranges, dogs can also eat other fresh fruits, including apples, bananas and watermelon. However, owners should get rid of the seeds, stems and leaves to avoid digestive problems.

Vegetables are also healthy for dogs. Some of the vegetables owners can give to their dogs include carrot sticks, green beans and cucumber slices. Plain baked potatoes and zucchini slices are also nutritious for dogs, but owners should make sure to avoid adding raw potatoes or potato plants to a dog’s diet.

When giving human foods to pets, people should provide small portions of foods that are pure, cooked, not overly seasoned and not fatty. Dogs can eat well-cooked lean meats without any visible fat or skin. Owners should only give pure meat without any bones.

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