What Is the Orange Leaf-Nosed Bat?


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The orange leaf-nosed bat is a small Australian bat that feeds on insects and has bright orange fur, with regional variations. It's native to the northern and northwestern parts of the continent. The bats weigh an average of 0.3 ounces and have an average body length of 2 inches, in addition to a tail length of 1 inch.

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Orange leaf-nosed bats are often found in caves with other bats, including the dusky horseshoe bat, the ghost bat and the bent-winged bat. They roost in abandoned mines, caves and hollows in eucalyptus trees in numbers ranging up to a maximum of 11,250 bats, but more commonly only numbering several hundred. Their nesting sites are always very warm and humid. Their overall numbers are unknown, but they are not considered endangered as of 2014.

Orange leaf-nosed bats primarily eat moths and beetles but also consume parasitic wasps, shield bugs, ants and weevils. They emerge between 0.5 hours and 1.5 hours after sunset to hunt near their caves in open woodlands, flying between 3 and 10 feet above the vegetation. Details of their mating habits are unknown, but they are thought to breed during the wet season, which is between October and April in their region.

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