What Are Some Options to Recycle Dog Waste?

Some ways to recycle dog waste include using an in-ground dog waste toilet, an in-ground composter and biodegradable dog waste bags. There is also the option of simply burying the dog waste and using it as natural fertilizer.

In-ground dog waste toilets are buried in the ground so that only the lid of the tank is showing above the ground. Simply scoop up the dog waste from the yard and place it inside the lid of the toilet. The only things to add to the toilet are water and a digester. The toilet consists of a steel tank and polymer lid. The digester has bacteria in it that help the waste to decompose without leaving behind an odor.

The other in-ground option is to use a composter, which also allows the dog waste to be disposed of in the ground without filling up the local dump with the waste. This is a DIY version where a large hole is dug in the ground and filled with rocks to allow for proper drainage. The hole needs to be big enough to support a plastic trash can that has a hole cut out of the bottom. Place the rocks in, and then the trash can. The lid is ground-level, just like with the waste toilet. Use water and a septic starter to help the waste decompose.