What Are Options for Adopting a Pug Dog?


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Pugs can be adopted from local and national shelters or rescues, such as the ASPCA, Rocket Dog Rescue, Petfinder or the Midwest Pug Rescue. The Pug Rescue Network is a nationwide rescue organization devoted to removing pugs from life-threatening situations and rehoming them.

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The ASPCA suggests preparing the house for a pug's arrival beforehand to minimize the amount of stress a dog might experience. Moreover, the organization encourages people to consider adopting an older and calmer pet instead of a high-energy puppy. Petfinder lists available pugs and pug crossbreeds by location, providing a platform for interested persons to contact the foster owner or shelter directly. Rocket Dog Rescue, based out of San Francisco, rescues dogs of every breed, while the Midwest Pug Rescue and the Pug Rescue Network focus exclusively on pugs.

Adoption fees vary based on the organization. The Pug Rescue Network charges between $150 to $400, while Rocket Dog Rescue charges a flat fee of $240 for each dog. The Midwest Pug Rescue's fees are based on the dog's age. This fee generally covers the cost of medical bills and vet care that the pug may have needed while staying at the shelter. In addition, shelters and rescues often spay or neuter, vaccinate, and microchip a dog before allowing it to be adopted.

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