How Does One Catch a Bat?

There are several options for catching a bat that include using a butterfly net or towel, trapping it underneath a bucket or similar item or using leather gloves to grab it. Leather gloves are not typically recommended unless the person is highly experienced, as a bat will try to bite when it is being grabbed.

Bats have fragile wings and any person attempting to catch one must be careful not to hurt the wings. To use the butterfly net, a person should wait for the bat to land and then move the top of the net over the bat before moving downwards to ensnare it. From here, the bat can be brought outside and carefully released.

The next method is to trap the bat by using a bucket. The bat must, once again, land and then the bucket can be placed on top of the bat. Then the person will need to slide a thick piece of cardboard between the bucket's mouth and the wall or floor to trap the bat. Then it can be brought outside and gently released.

The final method is to trap the bat with a towel. Take the towel and let it fall over the bat. Then bunch the towel up and take the bat outside. This method requires extra caution as it is easy to accidentally squeeze the bat's bones and irrevocably injure the bat.