How Old Is a Cat in Human Years?


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A one-year-old cat possesses physiological similarities to a 16-year-old human, while a two-year-old cat is physiologically similar to a 21-year-old human, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It is a common misconception that seven human years can be equated to each year of life for a cat.

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To calculate the human age of a cat who is over two years old, one can consider that every year after two years of age in cat years is worth about four human years, then add the number in human years to the number 21. Therefore, using this formula, a three-year-old cat is physiologically similar in age to a 25-year-old human.

Cats, like humans, experience physiological age-related changes in their own individual ways. Modern domestic cats live longer lives than they did in the past, just as people do. In almost a decade, the percentage of cats that are older than six years has almost doubled, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Most cats experience physical and behavioral changes due to advancing age by 12 years old. To ensure that a cat has a long and healthy life, it is important to reduce health risks by detecting and treating disease, or by delaying its progression.

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