Is It Ok to Give Ibuprofen to Dogs?


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Ibuprofen is not safe for dogs, states Vetstreet. Ibuprofen toxicity may be fatal if treatment is delayed. Even one 200-milligram tablet may prove toxic to a small- or medium-sized dog.

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Is It Ok to Give Ibuprofen to Dogs?
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Ibuprofen may cause mild to severe gastric upset, ulcers or stomach perforations, depending on the dose ingested and the size of the dog, states Vetstreet. It may also cause kidney failure due to inhibition of blood flow to the kidneys.

If a dog ingests ibuprofen, prompt treatment is crucial, according to Vetstreet. Pet owners should Induce vomiting, if possible, and take the dog to a veterinarian for evaluation and treatment. No antidote is available, but the veterinarian may be able to treat the dog with medications and supportive care.

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