What Is the Offspring of a Rottweiler and a Pitbull Called?


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When a pitbull is crossbred with a Rottweiler, the offspring is called a Pitweiler. Other names for this hybrid dog include bullrot, prott, rottie pit and American Pitweiler. These dogs are known to make good companions since they love playing with kids and easily grasp simple instructions during training.

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Taking care of a Pitweiler does not require any special knowledge, since the hybrid is resilient and will do well under any type of home setting. Building a kennel for this dog should be a priority if the dog is not sheltered within the main house. The hybrid mostly sheds during spring but may also shed during other seasons, albeit mildly.

Just like any other high energy dog, the Pitweiler needs exercise to ensure it stays fit and has a strong immune system. It should be washed at least once every two weeks and groomed with a bristle brush. Dog shampoo should be used to ensure healthy skin.

It is a good idea to watch what the dog eats and ensure it does not overfeed or underfeed, as both situations may lead to health complications. If any sign of sickness or injury is detected, a veterinarian should be contacted.

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