Where Is an Octopus’s Mouth?

The mouth of an octopus is located on the lower side of its head. The mouth is shaped like a beak and conceals a toothed tongue called a radula, which is used for scraping and shearing food. The bite of an octopus can be dangerous due to its venomous saliva.

Octopuses are cephalopodic mollusks that belong to the order Octopoda, of which approximately 300 species are known. An octopus’s morphology is distinguished by eight arms and a globular, flexible body that is able to contort and fit into tiny crevices. Octopuses are adept at camouflage, either through mimicry or changing color. Octopuses are believed to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates as they can store both long-term and short-term memory and are capable of problem solving.