How Do I Obtain Pedigree Papers for My Puppy?

obtain-pedigree-papers-puppy Credit: Brand New Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Although there are a number of ways to obtain pedigree papers for your puppy, the American Kennel Club describes the most direct route to do so. This is a simple process that requires filling out an application and paying a fee.

  1. Obtain an individual dog registration application from the seller

    The seller should automatically give you this application, as it proves that the litter is AKC registered.

  2. Fill out the application

    The seller and the new owner should work on the application together. The seller completes most of it, filling in such information as sex of the dog, markings, transfer date, registration type, identity and address of new owners. The new owner completes the rest of it, adding the name of the puppy, signature of the new owner, registration options and payment information. For it to be valid, the seller and the new owner must each sign the application.

  3. Check the application

    Make sure that the application is filled out completely and correctly. Any mistakes could result in a delay in processing.

  4. Mail application to the American Kennel Club

    Make sure that the required processing fee is included in the envelope. After the application has been processed, the American Kennel Club mails you an AKC Registration Certificate.