How Do You Nurse a Lethargic Kitten?

How Do You Nurse a Lethargic Kitten?

To nurse a lethargic kitten, the owner should obtain a milk substitute, watch the quantity of milk consumed at feedings to ensure the kitten is eating enough and bring the lethargic kitten to a veterinary clinic for an examination as soon as possible. A lethargic kitten needs extra care because, in addition to growing at a rapid pace and being susceptible to illnesses, a lethargic kitten is struggling to stay healthy and may already be unhealthy.

Follow a veterinarian's instructions when caring for a lethargic kitten. The proper treatment varies based on the reason for the animal's lethargy.

  1. Obtain the milk substitute
  2. Obtain a milk substitute or replacement from a veterinary clinic or pet store. Mix a can of unsweetened evaporated milk with an egg yolk if no alternative is available. This is a temporary solution and should not be used for more than two or feedings.

  3. Watch the quantities at feedings
  4. In the beginning, the kitten may only take a few cubic centimeters worth of the milk substitute. After the third feeding, however, the kitten should be taking several cubic centimeters and should need to eat every few hours.

  5. Take the kitten to a veterinarian
  6. Lethargy in kittens can indicate severe health problems. Make an appointment with a veterinarian as quickly as possible for diagnosis and treatment of lethargy.