Does a Northern Sportive Lemur Have Any Natural Enemies?

northern-sportive-lemur-natural-enemies Credit: Frank Vassen/CC-BY-2.0

The northern sportive lemur is preyed upon by the Madagascar tree boa and various birds of prey. The largest threat to the northern sportive lemur is human activity and destruction of habitat. The charcoal industry of Madagascar impacts habitat range, while the lemurs themselves are often hunted as bushmeat.

The northern sportive lemur is named because of the boxing stance-like position it assumes when imperiled. These small primates are arboreal and most active during night. The northern sportive lemur has a large amount of specialized bacteria within its gut that assist in breaking down vegetation. Despite the digestive efforts of its bacteria, the northern sportive lemur is known to consume its own feces in order to extract more nutritional value from its food.