Where Are Northern Pikes Most Commonly Found?


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Northern pikes are most commonly found throughout western Europe as far south as Spain and northern Europe and as far east as Siberia. In North America, they live in the upper parts of the continent, ranging from Labrador to Alaska. They make their homes as far south as Pennsylvania and as far to the west as Nebraska and Missouri.

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The northern pike is a freshwater fish, but the type of fresh water it lives in varies. In Siberia, it lives in lakes that are cold, deep and well-oxygenated, but it also lives in muddy rivers and the warm, shallow, oxygen-poor ponds of Missouri.

The fish grows to about 18 to 20 inches long and weighs between a little over 1 pound to a little over 3 pounds. The upper part of their bodies is dark with rows of spots, while the underside is pale. The northern pike is torpedo-shaped and has a single dorsal fin. It spawns in shallow water when the temperature reaches about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The eggs hatch after about two weeks. Northern pike are ready to breed when they're about 3 years old and can live for up to 12 years.

Northern pike are notorious predators, and their jaws have needle-like teeth. They not only eat aquatic animals such as frogs and other fish, but have also been known to feed on birds and small mammals.

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