What North American Spiders Are Venomous?

Throughout North America, there are three spiders that are venomous: the brown recluse spider, hobo spider and black widow spider. These spiders are often threats to people who work outdoors for a living, such as landscapers, construction workers, painters, gardeners, groundskeepers, farmers and laborers.

These three spiders tend to be non-aggressive, but when they feel threatened, they will quickly attack. People who work outdoors should take precautions and pay attention to the area that they are working in. If they see one of these spiders, they should distance themselves from it. Employers should brief all of their employees on the dangers of these three spiders and what they look like so that they can be fully prepared.

The black widow spider is black and has red blotches on its stomach area. It likes to live in areas that are full of debris, such as under woodpiles. It will bite a human that touches its web. The brown recluse spider is brown with a violin-shaped appearance on the head. It also has only six eyes instead of the standard eight that most spiders have. These spiders like to stay in dry and quiet areas. The hobo spider is large with yellow markings on its brown body. It likes to live in crevices, such as in window wells or in retaining walls.