What Is the Normal Temperature Range for a Dog?


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The normal temperature range for a dog is 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, according to WebMD. A temperature that exceeds 103 F requires veterinary care, and a temperature above 106 F is an emergency.

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Veterinarians usually use one of three methods to take a dog’s temperature, states PetMD. The most common and accurate method is rectally using a mercury or digital thermometer. The second method is an axillary reading taken from the pit of the front leg. Veterinarians use this approach when pets become agitated and resistant to the rectal method. Although not as accurate as a rectal reading, an axillary temperature reading does detect an abnormally high temperature.

Veterinarians are increasingly using ear canal readings, according to PedMD. However, due to questions about the reliability of the readings and the expense of the equipment, this method may not see widespread use.

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