What Is the Normal Behavior of a Chihuahua?

normal-behavior-chihuahua Credit: Jamie McCaffrey/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Chihuahuas are loyal, courageous, playful, and happy dogs. Most Chihuahuas love to bark at anything and everything.

Proper socialization can help curb the barking behavior of Chihuahuas. The breed tends to bond with one person in the family and may snap at other family members, especially children, out of jealousy. Training with positive reinforcement and affection is the key to making sure a Chihuahua is well behaved.

Another aspect of a typical Chihuahua's behavior is his bravery. Chihuahuas tend not to realize how small they are and are fearless when defending their owners against larger dogs. Their defensive actions range from incessant barking to biting, but proper socialization with people as well as other dogs makes them less anxious and more comfortable.