What Are Some Non-Shedding Dog Breeds?

Ugopapa/Moment/Getty Images

Some dog breeds that have minimum to no shedding include dachshunds, poodles, schnauzers and the hairless Chinese crested. Allergy sufferers may prefer these non-shedding dogs because they produce less pet dander than their shedding counterparts.

Small dogs in this category include the Maltese, the toy poodle and the Yorkshire terrier. Medium sized dogs include the Peruvian Inca orchid, the American hairless terrier and the Chinese crested. Larger dogs include the giant schnauzer and the Afghan hound. Hybrid dogs that don’t shed include the labradoodle, goldendoodle and cockapoo. Depending on which parent a hybrid puppy takes after, hair shedding may vary.

Hair shedding depends on a variety of factors including the weather and hormonal changes in dogs. Dogs in poor health or with sub-par nutrition may shed more than healthy, well-maintained dogs. To further prevent shedding, a dog must be bathed regularly and brushed or combed, preferably outdoors. Some of these dog breeds, including the Maltese, poodle and schnauzer, have high maintenance grooming needs and may even need professional grooming.

Some dog owners opt for hardwood floors over carpet and keep at least one dog-free room in the home to keep pet allergies under control. Other tactics include frequent vacuuming and using an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter.