What Are Some Non-Shedding Big Dogs?


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DogChannel.com says there is no such thing as a non-shedding dog; all dogs shed to some degree. Some breeds shed far less than others. Common large breeds that shed very little include the standard poodle, the giant schnauzer and the airedale.

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Each dog hair follicle has several hairs growing out of it at once. Unlike human hair that grows continuously, most dog hairs only grow to a certain length and then are shed to make way for a new hair. Dogs with an undercoat tend to shed the most, notes DogChannel.com. These dogs may shed profusely twice a year and less profusely the rest of the year.

Breeds that shed less either have poodle-type coats or terrier-type coats. Poodle-type coats do not shed very much because they are actually hair, not fur, says American Poodles at Work. Like human hair, dog hair grows continuously instead of reaching a certain length and then falling out (like most dog fur). The downside to the poodle-type coat is that the dog needs to be given regular haircuts to remove the excess length.

Terrier-type coats do not shed much because any loose hair gets trapped in the coarse outer coat and is then removed during stripping. Wire-haired terriers should be professionally stripped of their dead coat every eight to 12 weeks, recommends DogChannel.com.

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