What Are Some Non-Hair-Shedding Dogs?

What Are Some Non-Hair-Shedding Dogs?

Poodles are one of the most common nonshedding dog breeds. Hairless breeds such as the Chinese crested and xoloitzcuintli are also popular because they do not shed and have an unusual appearance.

Nonshedding breeds can be found to meet almost any need. Larger nonshedding breeds include giant schnauzers, Portuguese water dogs and Afghan hounds. Some gun dogs, such as the Irish water spaniel and Spanish water dog, also do not shed.

Many small and toy breeds do not shed. The Maltese, bichon frise, shih tzu and miniature schnauzer are popular breeds. The coton de Tulear is another small, fluffy breed that is a popular companion. The wiry coats of some terriers, including the Sealyham terrier and soft-coated wheaten terrier, also help minimize shedding. Terriers tend to be high energy and need a lot of exercise, so they do best in an active household.

Labradoodles and other designer breeds are sometimes advertised as being nonshedding, but their coats are unpredictable, and some of them do shed. It can be difficult for breeders to determine what kind of coat a puppy is going to have when it is very young, so people with allergies may consider adopting an older dog or getting a puppy of a more established nonshedding breed.

All dogs occasionally lose some hair, but some breeds lose less than others. These dogs also often produce less dander, which reduces the severity of allergies in most people.