What Are Non-Allergenic Dogs?


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No dog is completely non-allergenic, but some dogs shed little to virtually no hair, making them more hypoallergenic than others. Even hairless dogs, however, shed some type of dander or release saliva that may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Still, according the About.com, the Basenji, maltese, poodle and Portuguese water dog are considered potentially hypoallergenic breeds.

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What Are Non-Allergenic Dogs?
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The Basenji is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers; it has a short coat of fur and sheds very little. This breed also cleans itself, which could account for the absence of typical dog odor.

The soft white fur on the Maltese places the breed in the hypoallergenic category. The Maltese’s fur can grow long, but owners usually keep it short. In order to reduce dander, this breed should be brushed every one to two days and given a haircut every three or four weeks.

The poodle's coarse and curly fur makes it potentially hypoallergenic. Regular brushing and haircuts are a necessity for its fast-growing fur.

The Portuguese water dog lands on the hypoallergenic list due to its thick fur, which can be curly or wavy. Although good for allergies, the thickness of the coat makes frequent grooming necessary. Accordingly, this breed should be brushed several times a week and given regular haircuts to reduce the amount of dander trapped in the hair.

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