What Are Some Non-Allergenic Cats?


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Scientists aren’t sure if there is such a thing as a non-allergenic cat, but some cats do not cause as many allergy issues. Siberian cats are least likely to trigger allergies, and the short-haired Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex and the hairless Sphynx trigger allergies less frequently. There are also genetically-altered cats that hold a modified protein in an attempt to create the first instance of a completely hypoallergenic cat.

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What Are Some Non-Allergenic Cats?
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Cat allergies are two times as common as dog allergies due to a protein found in a cat’s saliva, skin and urine. When a cat licks itself, the protein is released into the air and can stick to the walls and carpet. Once this protein reaches a human’s nose and lungs, it can cause nasal congestion, itching and asthma. A hypoallergenic cat generally either uses less saliva, produces less dander from the hair or releases less of the protein. Breeders have found that Siberian cats have very low levels of the allergy-causing protein in their saliva, and the short hair of the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex cats make them less likely to cause allergies. The hairless Sphynx has no hair at all, which makes it hypoallergenic. Wiping down the cat frequently makes it even more hypoallergenic.

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