What Noises Do Sugar Gliders Make?

noises-sugar-gliders-make Credit: Mark Newman/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Sugar gliders make four distinct sounds: a grinding noise, two different chirping noises and a barking noise. They use these sounds to communicate happiness, warn intruders to move away and call for attention.

The grinding noise of a sugar glider resembles the sound of an electric pencil sharpener, and it functions as a warning when the sugar glider wants to be left alone. Most owners hear this sound frequently in the first few weeks with their pet, but once they learn the glider’s preferences, this sound is rarely heard. Another sound is a loud chirp which signals excitement or happiness. Sugar gliders also make a soft chirping sound to communicate with other gliders. Finally, sugar gliders make a sharp barking noise used to draw the attention of other gliders or humans.