What Do Newts Eat?

Newts eat small fish, worms, grubs and other larva. Pet newts also eat commercial newt and salamander food. Newts require a varied diet to stay healthy.

The exact diet of newts varies depending on the type of newt and its specific habitat. In the wild, newts are aggressive feeders, eating any small, soft-bodied creatures in their environment. On the other hand, pet newts do well on a diet of commercial newt feed, frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and chopped earthworms. Some newts refuse certain types of food in captivity, so experimentation is recommended. Although newts like mealworms and they are readily available, they do not provide complete nutrition and need to be supplemented with other food sources. Options for newts include floating reptile and amphibian sticks, freeze-dried cubes of tubifex worms, feeder guppies, ghost shrimp and daphnia.

Newts are lizard-like animals that live primarily in the water. Some varieties of newts, such as fire-bellied newts and alpine newts, are occasionally kept as pets. If newts are kept in the same aquarium as small fish, they are likely to feed on the fish. It is a good practice to keep pet newts in a dedicated aquarium with a land area so that they are able to leave the water to bask.