How Do You Neutralize Dog Urine?

To neutralize dog urine, use an extractor or wet vac and clean the stained area with water, and allow the carpet to dry. Apply an enzyme-based pet stain remover to the area to neutralize the odor. Odors that persist after cleaning may require you to remove the affected carpeting.

  1. Clean the stain

    Use a vacuum extractor or wet vac to clean the stain thoroughly with cool water, and use paper towels to remove any excess moisture. Do not use harsh cleaners or heat, such as steam, on the stained areas, as these products may cause the stain to become difficult to neutralize.

  2. Apply an enzyme cleaner

    Allow the carpet to dry, and apply an enzyme-based pet stain cleaner to the carpet according to the directions on the product packaging. Allow the enzymes to remain on the carpet for the recommended amount of time, then blot the carpet to remove any excess moisture. Apply a second application of the enzyme cleaner if the padding under the carpet has been saturated.

  3. Remove the stain

    Enzyme-based cleaners neutralize the odor of pet urine, but they do not remove stains on carpeting. To remove the stain, use a high-quality carpet cleaning product after neutralizing the stain with enzymes.