Do You Need to Go to the Vet to Treat Birds With Mites?


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It is best to take a bird that is infested with mites to an avian veterinarian for treatment rather than attempting to care for the bird yourself. Not only are mites capable of making birds extremely ill, they often cause human beings to experience itching and skin irritation.

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To rid a bird of mites, a vet often uses specialty oral medications, sprays and powders. Vets are trained to administer such treatments in proper doses.

Bird experts warn against placing "mite protectors" in a bird's cage to prevent mite infestations, as these devices, sold in some pet stores, contain a carcinogenic chemical capable of causing liver damage when inhaled by a bird.

Mites cause a number of health conditions in birds. These ailments include anemia, feather damage, scaly lesions, itching and breathing problems.

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