Do You Need a License to Be a Dog Groomer?

need-license-dog-groomer Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to, a person does not need a license or certification to be a dog groomer, but certification training instills knowledge and credibility. A person who wants training has the option of going to an accredited institution with certified master dog groomers as teachers. further notes that training provides such insights as animal behavior, safety procedures and what to do in the event of flea or tick infestations. There are a few states that require dog groomers to obtain licenses to administer flea and tick medications.

While licenses and permits are not required to become a dog groomer, a person who wants to set up a business needs to obtain a standard business license.

Schooling to become a dog groomer is 16 weeks, but some programs are shorter. The length of time in training depends on the school. Some schools offer full-time training, while others offer part-time study. Individuals have the option of becoming a groomer as a primary or secondary career. Apprenticing with a trained dog groomer is an effective route, especially if receiving school training at the same time