What Do You Need to Build a Large Chicken Coop With a Run?


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Building a large chicken coop requires hardware cloth, lumber, boards, shingles, insulation, plywood and concrete blocks. It also requires a range of tools for assembly.

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What Do You Need to Build a Large Chicken Coop With a Run?
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To build a large chicken coop and run, consider the size needed for the number of chickens. A plan on BackYardChickens.com, a website for chicken owners, is for an 8-foot by 10-foot coop and run suitable for 20 chickens.

First, clear the land on which the construction will take place. To build the coop, start with a footing of concrete blocks at each corner. Place a wooden floor frame on the blocks. Make a frame for the walls and trusses for the roof with lumber. Primed wooden boards can be attached to the frame to make walls and the roof.

Holes for the doors and windows need to be cut in the walls, and shingles added to the roof. Insulate the coop and cover the insulation with plywood sheets. Add windows and doors on hinges to allow entry for humans and chickens and to provide ventilation.

Construct the run attached to the coop by building a wooden frame and covering it with hardwire cloth. The floor of the coop and run can be covered with sand and wood chips.

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