What Are Some Necessary Supplies for Raising Poultry?


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Food, water, shelter and protection are necessary for raising poultry. The type of food depends upon the type of chickens being raised, but usually includes pellets or scratch. Shelter can be a coop or house which provides protection from predators and has water, food and some type of bedding.

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The best type of food for raising poultry depends on the type of chickens you are raising. Feed also varies by stage. For example, chicks get starter feed in the beginning, while egg-laying hens need high-protein food, and birds raised for consumption get finisher food. Automatic feeders can save time when feeding larger quantities of birds. Hanging waterers help prevent birds from nesting on them, and also help to keep the contents clean.

Chicken food usually includes scratch, a combination of grains such as cracked corn, corn, oats and rye. Scratch is usually thrown to the birds twice a day. When it's scattered on the ground, the birds use their feet to scratch through the grain before eating it.

Chickens need some space to move, like a chicken run or a backyard, but it should be an enclosed area to keep them in and predators out. There are several options to house poultry, including perches, portable coops, free-standing coops and nesting boxes. Hay, straw and pine shavings are traditional types of poultry bedding.

Coops and other housing should be durable, allow the chickens access to food and water, and provide warmth, ventilation and light. CleanAirGardening.com suggests adding a chicken ramp to raised coops and using nesting boxes for egg layers.

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