What Are Some Natural Ways to Eliminate Bees?


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Some natural ways to eliminate bees include organic bee pesticides, odorous repellents and bee lures. Local bee keepers are also a viable resource for information about removing or relocating bee hives.

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What Are Some Natural Ways to Eliminate Bees?
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Organic bee pesticides are available for purchase; to create your own, use a simple recipe of equal parts vinegar and water. Use the mixture in a spray bottle to mist plants, foliage and structures in the area around the hive. Alternatively, a spray bottle filled with a vegetable oil-based horticultural oil deters bees as well. In cases of more stubborn bees, sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth in the surrounding area. It is more potent and affects hive activity.

Garlic powder is a natural odor repellent. As bees abhor the smell of garlic, sprinkling it liberally around areas bees frequent drives them away. Direct contact with garlic powder is lethal for bees. Bees also dislike the smell of citronella, so burning a citronella candle and masking other smells keeps honeybees and bumblebees at bay. Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes and colognes or burning sweet-scented candles outside, as these scents draw bees to an area.

Another remedy is a fruit bag lure. Fruits with a sweet aroma are most effective. Place the open bag 15 to 20 feet from the current hive. A few days later, move the bag out further. Repeat the process until the bees have permanently relocated.

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