What Is a Natural Way to Get Rid of Ticks?


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Essential oils are an effective natural tick repellent and pesticide. Grapefruit, juniper, rosewood, thyme, oregano and myrrh essential oils are particularly powerful repellents. Tickinfo.com recommends using citronella, cedar oil, eucalyptus, lemon leaves and rosemary essential oil to repel ticks.

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What Is a Natural Way to Get Rid of Ticks?
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Oils such as cinnamon bark, thyme, peppermint, palo santo and oregano effectively remove ticks from humans and dogs. A single drop applied directly on the tick forces the insect to release its grip and fall off of its host.

Tickinfo.com states that there are over 150 effective natural tick repellents and removers that are safer than harsh synthetic pesticides and do not have offensive chemical aromas. Natural products, however, typically remain effective for only a short time. For maximum natural tick protection, reapply natural repellents every 30 minutes.

Tick deterrence and removal is important because the insects transmit Lyme disease, a serious condition that affects humans, horses, cats and dogs. Many essential oils have antiviral properties that can reduce the transmission of Lyme disease. After removing a tick, sanitize the area with lavender or tea tree oil.

Landscaping and property maintenance are also essential components of a natural tick-management strategy. Ticks prefer dense, overgrown areas with tall grasses. Stop Ticks on People recommends keeping grass shorter than 3 inches, removing natural yard debris such as fallen tree limbs and placing garbage in lidded bins.

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